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This web site is dedicated to the Warmuz lineage throughout the world. If you are a Warmuz and would like to add your ancestry information to the Warmuz Family Tree, please contact us.

Today, Warmuz Descendants are living in Poland, Czech Republic, US, France, Belgium, Germany and Australia.

The earliest record of the Warmuz name comes from Poland and is dated 1388.

There are several possible derivatives of the name, including Warmuz, Warmus, Warmusz, Warmuz*, Warmo*z, Varmuz, Varmuza, Varmus.

Warmuz Family Branch in the US

Uncle of my grandfather Ladislav Wamuz from Andrychow, migrated to the US in the early 20th century.  
The family lost all contact with this Warmuz and I currently have no additional information.
There are several Warmuzes arriving in the US in the early 19th century.
Josef Warmuz   Born 1855 arrived in the US in 1896 at the age of 41
Antonina Warmuz  Born 1878 Residence: Dembno, Arrived in US 1902 at age of 24
Antony Warmuz  Born: 1882, Residence: Lopuszna, Arrived in US 1913 at age of 31
Josef Warmuz  Born: 1891, Residence: Lopuszna, Russia Arrived in US 1907 at age of 16 

From public telephone directory listings there appear to be three Warmuz families living in the United States.  
New York, New Jersey And Illinois.

Please contact me if you have any details of this branch. 

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